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May 30, 2010


As many of you might know La.Ave has been on the for front of consignment for 15 Years. The consignment business was started in the "Land of the rising sun" Here in the U.S. consignment shops can be counted with one hand, in Japan they are a dime a dozen. You cant walk a city block without running into some type of consignment shop, from consignment handbag stores to consignment toy shops, consignment is a WAY of life/business for Japanese people.

Four years ago La.Ave/Napsize decided to open its doors stateside and what better fitting then Little Tokyo Los Angeles? As the company steadily expands here stateside our big brother shop LA. Ave is also making moves literally. From the city of Kichijoji Tokyo to the famous shopping district HARAJUKU. Name another consignment shop that has both a store in Japan and the US?

Congratulations Big Brother La. Ave!

Booze and Shooz

Just like Edouche Chillin, our Boy Rio Chillin

STAFF and J GIRLS...Luckyyy

We are proud to introduce NAPSIZE/La. AVE Staff

2nd to NONE.

Making moves.


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store looks goood

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