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Jul 13, 2010


Look how Happy Edouche is on the phone, I wonder who hes talking to.

: He is wearing a South Korea Soccer Jersey.

Manny just loves following Ed when hes not doing anything.

Big Thanks to our customer and friend, Carlos for bringing us an early lunch.

tapleys "sneaker shot" of the day. These are actually LEGIT.

It was matching day @ RIF LA, so Jonli, Kevin, Manny and Juan participated in twin day.

Little meeting with the Lee brothers.

jonlis "sneaker shot" of the day: w)taps sk8 his.

Thanks Julian for all your hard work, you the man! You know why!
Homie Juan sweating all over the neon air max 97s which caused the shoes to cr@ck and separate.

We cleaned a little bit around the store and tossed all the FAKE SHOEs we cut up. They needed a new home, so they went str8 to the dumpster.

Can you believe people actually try and bring shoes that are BEAT UP like this!?!?! Man just donate that sh!t or throw them away. By the way, no used shoes for 2 weeks.

"I'm looking at the man in the mirror"

mudouche x edouche

willies sneaker shot of the day: expensive @ss louis vuitton shoes.

Received 30 pairs of 'new arrivals" for today, Click HERE.


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