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Jul 7, 2010


On our way to good o'l Skidrow with a trunk full of sneaker donations. Thanks to all of our supporters and friends who contributed to this 3rd batch, much appreciated.

Mannyfreshs RIF MOBILE locked and ready to unload some goodies.

Manny making sure the the coast is clear from any crazy people who would run up and possibly take everything.

Mr. Weiss got himself a pair of AJ 7 Olympics that Manny personally donated.

This time it was sort of organize where each person was picking up a pair 1 by 1, but got a little crazy seconds later.

Homie jumped off his bike with a quickness to grab these AJ 8 BRED lows...

This is when everything started getting out of hand and Manny started calling me for help!

Cats trying to grab more than 1 pair, even caught one cat already trying to sell a pair to anyone for $5.00! wow lol.

You wouldn't think Skidrow had young kids running around, and some of them are homeless too. Young kid below picked up a few longsleeves and shirts to go with his jays.


dude looks SHOOK, someone try to get him for his cdp 10s!

takashi 2s, why not?

Probably one of the gems out of the bunch of donations we had.

dude looked like it was his birthday or something.

"We love you guys!" - Arturo

shoes, shoes, shoes, sapatos...

Pimpin retired his beaters and picked himself up some black/gold iversons....

white olympic dunk highs.

Pimpin still posing for the camera...

All in a days work! We bounced and went to Starbucks to go treat ourselves out to some pastries.


New arrivals for today, a handful of sb dunks for you size 5-6.5 cats. Click HERE.


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