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Jul 26, 2010

The Real Dicky Jones.

Our Boy The REAL Dicky Jones came through today dropped off some ice cream sandwhiches and soda. He hates getting pictures of him but we always manage to get a few shots of him.

If any RIF detectives take a picture of him and send it in... you recieve a free RIF shirt! No facebook or myspace pics.

Dicky Jones' goodside.

Speaking of Homies... CURT@!N$ came through the shop to chat it up about OG jays, up n coming artists, future collabos, etc, keep an eye out for his new mixtape dropping this SATURDAY! Always good to see you brothaaaa.

Speaking of homies...Homie Heart thROB ROB from Archrival came through to pick up a check and smoke cancer sticks with Edouche.

heart thROBS chili '95s

Ed... get back to work.

Murad...why the long face?....

Oh now I know why...great paint job muDOUCHE. We not only sell shoes here at RIF... but for a small fee Murad can paint your house, car, apartment etc. please come to RIF for more details.

Looking a little toooo comfortable muDOUCHE...

...chillllllleeeennnnnn in dem GUCCIIIIII loafers

The homie Travis came through the shop to pick up a FRESH pair of 2003 AJ IIIs White Cement.... cant be mad. It was nice meeting you bro. See you soon.

Jeff's new pick up NUMBER NINE Cons.

show & tell, originals baby.

AIR MAX heaven

We think these shoes are more limited than Tiffany SB's, we think!?

Start your kids early...


Jeff was nice enough to buy us some lunch. He fed 5 grown men spending a little less then 4 dollars.

recession proof.

Have you ever seen these OG Jordan Lite samples? Prolly not there are less then 5 pairs in the world. CHUTNEY perfect for fall.
"CAL" Jordan Team

A few arrivals for today. Click HERE.

The homie Sergio came through today to drop of some donations. Remember we are always accepting donations. Just drop off the goods and we'll take care of the rest. Hopefully we have enough to do another drop off in August.

These new "Crome Ball" dunk Sb's are not a bad look for the summer.

Edouches friend :) came by to drop of some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Thanks !

air max '95 sole collector cowboy, 1st pair of shoes jeff wore on his very 1st day @ RIF.

Neon JPacks.

Simple and Refined, keep it UNDFTD...

According to some consignment sellers, these are considered slightly yellowed.

And other consignment sellers think these are REAL Pigeon SB's .....really
Have a fantastic week gents.

we are GTFO of here!

- 334A RIF CLUB.


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