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Jul 20, 2010


One of our consignment sellers and customer dropped us off some FRIJOLES and ARROS aka FOOD COMA. Thank you!

Who said people in Socal don't have any HEAT?!? We just keep it on a low most of the times, but we have cats that break out some heaters.

@drew_dice27: 1st series P.B. HIGHS

Big homie @Shoewolf swung down to pick up some grails and some chedda.

chaos cincos

You see that Nike Air?

Mudouche answering all the phone calls for today, we literally get a phone call every 1 minute!

Check out Edouches new hair do, he loos 5 years younger right? Dresizzle big chillen dropping off loads and loads of goodies.

clear bubbles don't mean shit, but I'll take my chance :)

"Eds 3 Douches" rocking matching shorts....

We made a little trip to my ride to move some BS we had lying around the shop.

walking down 2nd street towards Central...

Muuuurad showing off his white supreme lows that he copped off the Daninja.

Guess whos trying to stunt real quick and get a sneaker shot...

The infamous Eddie boy who holds down the Office Depot parking lot, making sure nobody leaves the premises!!! only RIF LA cats can pass! Shouts to Roman and Eddie!

Does it really take 3 grown dudes to put this thing together?

mudouche actin a fool

...L I F E T A K E R S...

Check out BLACKHIPPY's Very Own (minus Jayrock): Schoolboy Q, Kendrick, & Absoul Freestyle...



Anonymous said...

Sup guys, dropping the msn in case anything is complicated with the software (Just remember, don't do the first register)


BTW, what was the other software you needed, normal office ?

take care

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