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Jul 18, 2010


Nike Sb needs to start making these little booklets again, they stopped after the 2nd Series sbs dropped. Check out Richard Mulder below double checking the black supreme lows to make sure everything's on point.

1st series forbes

1st series & 2nd series. The dunks on the left never released.

If I'm not mistaken, Danny Supa is skating in some AJ 1 Retro +'s (navy). Do any of my true fellow shoe heads remember when skate shops back then had all the 2001 AIR JORDAN 1 Retros on the wall?! dam good o'l days! We need to Re.In.Force the sneaker game already!

...buttery wheat sbs his

black/gold unos

such a classic picture! had to show it again haha. If your ever in the shop, ask us to see this Nike Sb book, don't trip.. we ain't assholes.

Remember when BAPE was stepping up stealing all the hype back in the days? Well the collabo Nike did with Mr. Cartoon was Nikes way of trying to battle for the top, but it looks like BAPE is dead and AF1s are following the same path.

$225.00 for a DS pair of Mr. Cartoon Air Force 1s is not bad at all.

We got a handful of NEW ARRIVALS for today, a majority of them being jordans!

bruts, hufs, boba fetts
cincos & tres's
AJ XX3, can't believe they retailed @ $200.00. Get em now @ RIF for $140.00! Click HERE.

Sad to say, it seems as if GANGSTAkev might be going in a downward spiral again. Drugs and alcohol can ruin your life, so stay clean kids...

Homie Carl hooked him up with some AF1s and Structures to ease the pain.

Carls "sneaker shot"
mudouches "sneaker shot": denims.

Been listening to this track everyday since I first listened to it in the store. CLASSIC!

Kendrick Lamar "WORLDS NEGATIVES":


Unknown said...

yo man.. mad props to this post... maybe the new gen of sneakerheads will finally know who richard mulder and gino iannuci are... old school knowledge.

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