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Jul 6, 2010


Homie Mario dropped off Tirons newest mixtape titled " MUSTARD ", probably one of the best albums that released in 2010 hands down, feel good music for EVERYONE. Download the whole mixtape for free, HERE.

You have to listen to "THE RICHERS" feat. Blu & Asher Roth. CRACK I TELL YA!

Manny came in today with what looked like a ladies blouse..after closer inspection it was actually a BAPE shirt that he bought 2 sizes too short.

Atleast its a dope TEE. Dam is Jeff always sitting right behind the computer?

I saw Edouche admiring one of JEFF's new Japan pickups. TURBO Pink Stussy Blazers.

One day....

TEAM AM was in the house this afternoon chopping it up. Its looking like an AIR MAX type of summer.

a i r m a x 1s

DJ GUSTO and his LADY donating to the LESS FORTUNATE of Los Angeles.
GOD Bless you both. We'll be hitting up Skidrow tomorrow to donate the next batch of shoes!

Speaking of Donations, The homie Everett came all the way down from San Diego to donate a few pairs for the needy people of DOWNTOWN... one of them being a pair of Fresh Water AM95.

Instead of killing time on the road back to SD, he ended up just chillen with us the whole day chatting it up about kicks and how huge the sneaker community is in SD..always a pleasure Everett.

Our Boy SIZZLE came down right after Netherlands and Uruguay world cup match.
Happy about Netherlands victory over Uruguay. Dre decided to keep his SAFETY Orange Jersey and Crown on.



Our Boy MF Grimm came by the shop to drop off his newest album titled
"You Only Live Twice".

Not only does the package come with an ill tracklist but a matching comic that progresses like the music on the album.

Manny Approved!

Grimm also dropped off a few air max s for all your am heads...

Jeffrey James X Mf Grimm X San Deezy Elliot.


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