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Jul 27, 2010

This Guy.

Some of the biggest shoe collectors are the ones that no one knows about those that fly under the radar... Ive seen personal collections larger than 2X all our stock here at RIF. So when the homie Guy came through today, we realized (fortunately) we will be receiving some HEAT/Steals in the coming days.
Part 1.
A few ("NEW Arrivals"-click here) for today definately not all of it.
Highs and Mids.
Thundercat the AMAZIN came through this today before his trip to Japan to swoop up a pair of kicks before his Japan Tour. Nice meeting you bro.
Hanshin Tigers represent.

Future Sole AJ 1. Limited to 24 pairs.

Nice trousers Edouche
Shoe Shots of the DAY.

The homie from pinkberry rocking HUF Blazers.
AM 1 ATMOS. I remember when our shop had 30+ pairs straight from Atmos Japan. $150 was a steal I think.
Shoe meeting. We always invite sneaker heads to make trades, meet-ups, and just chill at the shop. Remember RIF Luuuuuuuvs you.
Shio came all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun to visit the shop with her man. Nice meeting you Shio enjoy your vacation.

homie Bape Bobby.

Some of you are sleeping on certain shoes here at the shop. I remember when a Deadstock pairs of J-Rod 1's were selling for $500.00, you can get them here for half the price...you just have to look.
The homie Louis came by today. Always good to see you bro.
Let us introduce to you MuDOUCHE...he not only rocks fake supreme dunks, but T-shirts.
If any one comes to the shop and recognizes him feel free to call him MuDOUCHE and when we recieve our new batch of stickers you get a FREE Pack!


Michael Collins said...

What are model are those Nikes that are grey with the pink midsole?

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