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Jul 15, 2010


Me (Manny) & Juan went down to Mcdonalds drive thru the wrong way, luckily the lady was nice enough to still take my order. Its a recession! gotta take advantage of that $1 menu.

I don't see not 1 person working, maybe its because its HOT AS HELL in Los Angeles and people don't feel like burning up.

After 3 years of searching, Jeff finally got his hands on a DS pair of 1st Edition Vans "S" Jason Jesse Sk8 His for a BOMB price at that, can't go wrong with an $80 price tag. Big thanks goes out to Daniel for hookin it up!

Edewey had to leave the shop early today to take care of some business.
Have ya'll met Juan yet?

Few goodies came in, mostly sbs but between size 9-9.5 I believe, Click HERE.

With the crazy amount of consignment coming in, we were forced to buy more and more racks. Manny puts these things together in like 5mins!

chu lookin @ kid?!

Andre wish he was PUSHING WEIGHT.

A few "sneaker shots" of some of the consignment we received today. Too bad Holland lost, maybe ya'll should really make that octopus into sushi now.

Mannys favorite, the PAPA Bear His @ a good price too. No not over $300.


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