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Jul 14, 2010


Murad aka "Mudouche" brought in a signed Kobe Bryant ball to put on display at the store, it compliments all the Kobe shoes we have.

Archrival blessed the whole staff with a round of their Summer tees. They keep it traditional with the classic black and white...ALWAYS CLEAN.

Heffes favorite one is the ACE of SPADES design, gotta love detail.

Mannyfresh can't get enough of the Bl@ckScale x Archrival tee, "XL PLEASE". EVERYONE is rockin the same crap these days, ya'll see it. Change it up, step it up, grow up! Head to Archrivals website for clean tees.

Mr. Jornacion dropped us off some pastries and dried bananas from Portos. Right when I was suppose to cut back on this stuff, owell you only live once. I heard Portos is opening in Downey, 10 minutes away from my house.

Jeff thought his name meant HEFFE in Spanish, but it actually means BOSS.. but he doesn't give a fk.

By the way, keep OUR name out of your mouth - HEFFE.
You think Ed looks younger or older with his new haircut? We honestly want to know.

Check out this video DAVEFREE put together for West Coasts Very own, Kendrick Lamar titled "No Time Like Now". RIF got a little cameo in the beginning and towards the end, so watch the whole video!


Anonymous said...

ED,you look like a HEFFE with that cut

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