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Jul 31, 2010


Came to the store bright and early today and prep'd up the shop before the days rush. Super worker Manny washing the windows. Manny's not only here to show exemplary customer service but he's the best damm window washer RIF's ever had.

Breaking out all the window cleaning techniques up and down, side to side...anything for RIF windows.
When they got finished with the windows...Manny decided to change his shirt to a black mamba Tee then they Decided to head over to SKID row and bless the people with sneakers on this beautiful saturday afternoon. Why not?
Here's Manny looking over his trunk, He was a little overwhelmed
Manny was getting a little concerned, someone actually took his basketball, basketball shorts and Kobe Hyperdunks. Its OK manny you're giving your shoes and personal belonging to the less fortunate.
On the way back we spotted the exact track outfit we donated over 2 months ago. We're glad to see that your giveaways are actually being used.
This was homie Karl's first time in skid row. He was a little scared for his safty but as the give aways progressed he felt more comfortable and right at home. Thanks Karl!

Can you spot him?
Back to Little Tokyo.

Johnny Rockets back in business. They were actually close for 2 months for a management change. Thank God their open again, Japanese food was driving us crazyyy.
Ice water on the Rocks X 3
When guys got back from giving donations they were right on time for the Ice Cream man, even the homie Steve from Archrival made it across the street to buy a Strawberry Short Cake Ice Cream.
Edouche's Pickup Horchata Ice Cream Bar!
The Homie Paula came by to drop off some delicious home made COOKIES for Edouche and the Guys . Thanks Paula!
Nothing like home made Baked Goodies.
Paula wanted some BLOG action. What she wore today

Speaking of what people wore. Here are some sneaker shots for the Day.

Rif Best Friends Forever. XOXO Murad X Karl
OG 1985 Aj 1 X Dunk Lo Larry Perkins
Infrared's never get old.
Can you believe its been a year since these dropped.
The ShoeWolf in his 5 Burroughs AF1.
Black Royal.

AJ 1 1985 Og.

Karls homemade duct tape wallet, keeping it real.
Captain Ed AKA Captain Morgan
Can you see the resemblance.
New Arrivals for the Day.
Juan's fell of his skateboard and bloodied his knuckles.

1 of 1 production sample. Grey/Navy
Ian Breezy drove past real quick to say wassup then dipped.

As we were walking to our cars we saw Croatianstyle chillin in his Ride. ALWAYS a pleasure to see you brotha. You needa swing by to pick up your check.

Have a blessed weekend



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