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Jul 2, 2010


Heffe always keeping it LA, just clean and simple with a touch of LA on the fitted.  He needs to cut back on those iced coffees he's been drinking EVERYDAY.

Justin Ton and his lady has been supporting us since day 1, we honestly really appreciate you guys.  But why is your lady reminding me of Andrew Bynum right now?!? JK!

Check out their his and hers old loves...
Flying Pig truck parked right in front of our store today, pretty much covering up our whole store front, thanks PIGS.

True shoe heads are the ones that you still see after how many years and they are still buying HEAT.  Homie Louis and his friend serve for the Marines and they drove all the way down from San Diego to pick up some RIF tees and a pair of Wheat Sb His.

Good catching up with you my friend, and cut back on the chewing tobacco!!!

Do you ever run into random people and say to yourself, "Dam this dude does not look like your typical shoe head, but hes wearing some classic heat"  This older dude didn't even know what he was rockin, but I had to tell him those go for about $300 now! and he was amazed, all ready to consign em.  But a little too beat my friend.  He said he got them @ a Nike Outlet back in 2002 for about $30.00, must be nice.

dunk low pro viotech

Another random dude came in rocking some dunk low hazes that his older brother left behind and his moms house.  He said his brother left him a nice little collection to break some necks.  I plan on saving my kicks until I retire, so I can break all my grand sons and grand daughters necks! (well not literally)

sneaker shot of the day: cali dunk 
(Did you know they consider this our City Series!?!? They need to make a LA Sb Dunk already)

$220 for some Twin Peaks, SMH.  Note to our real shoe heads, please be patient and do some research before you pull the trigger on any shoe, because you shouldn't be losing an arm or a leg at age 12 and 13.

If you've been to the shop recently, then you know how pack it is at the moment.  Getting 30-50 plus pairs of shoes a day is pretty hectic, but we do it.  For the meantime, no used shoes for a week or so and DO NOT bring your BS stuff because you will be sent back home with your kicks.

The group of homies below came all the way from Norcal to finally visit the shop.

This is the type of consignment we've been receiving, just portions and portions of collections being liquidated.  Its nuts I tell ya!

"Oman, oman, more shoes"  -MannyFRESH.

Still a few more black mamba tees left, get yours while it last.

"You mind if we take a picture of your kicks for our blog" - MannyFRESH

"No problem Manny" - customer.


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