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Jul 25, 2010

Socal Sunday.

It was such a nice Sunday here in Little Tokyo we decided to go for a stroll around the new and improved Little Tokyo. Not only did they improve the overall Lil Tokyo experience with new shop signs, roofing, benches but new foliage surrounds the entire area. VERY Quaint.

The overall scenery is getting better day by day, the nice weather is helping alotttt.

J PAN Village GANG.

IF all you sneaker heads haven't hit up FootLand then your definately sleeping. Back in the late 90's this was the only spot that had Jordan Samples for sale. Next time your at RIF, make sure to make a visit across the street.

Lil Tokyo even had a hardware store, forget Home Depot...this shop has been in Los Angeles for 65 years support your local shops.


This japanese market has the illest japanese candies and treats. OBOY.

As we were walking around the LITTLE Tokyo plaza. MUDOUCHE got a little famished so he decided to go to the MITSURU cafe and get some japanese pastries.

Mudouche cant decide what to buy, "hurry up your holding up the line"-small japanese lady

What to choose? "hope i dont get a tummy ache :("- murad
Caramel covered mochi ballzzz. "YUMZZZ"- Murad

Edouche taking care of his homies, only time I see him working.

Lee Brothers AKA "Undftd Brothers", better known as "7 figure Brothers" more commonly known as "the Ferrari Bros" came by the shop to chop it up about kicks, drop off a few K worth of sneakers. Good seeing you bros. Stop Bringing in too many kicks.

New Arrivals, dont sleep.

334 A Stand up.

Your boy Edouche decided to buy a new Lap Top for all your consignment needs. For both all your shoes and clothing. :)

Murad take it EASY, its only a laptop.

Our Boy Gerrick rocked his La Lemon x RIF Dodgers tee to the game today! Thanks for the support!

Carls FRO X Edouche
A few "sneaker shots" of the day...

Olympic Kobe IV
Our Boy ROB from SAC came by to chop it up about kicks, all while rocking his
Kashima AM97's.

NB NYC Pigeon, one of the cleanest summer shoes out.

UpnComing hip hop artist, John Hope came by all the way from Rode Island to peep the shop and pick up a few shirts. Nice meeting you bro have a safe flight back. Pick up his Mixape @ the shop titled "Somekind of Wonderful".

If your Free August 21st and your in the Los Angeles area, make sure to hit up "Hightopbully" Sneaker Expo. This is not our event, but we fully support the event and the homie Marlon whos behind this Expo. Make sure to swing by our table and say wsup to Manny and Juan!


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